Agata Jóźwiak

Painter (2006- Diploma at the department of Fine Arts at Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland).

Postgraduate studies at history of art Institute of Art Polish Academy of Sciences. Lech Żurkowski’s student.

A member of a group Ścieżka Tuszu – Way of Ink.

Scholarship from National Centre for Culture Poland (2018) and The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland (2022), Toruń City Hall (2024).

The author of the album about The Carpathian Mountains (Polish Part).

Popularizer of the history of landscape painting.

Agata writes articles about works of art inspired by nature and gives art workshops.

Aritist has cooperated with Fundacja Dziedzictwo Przyrodnicze (Natural Heritage Foundation) and Warsaw University Botanic Garden, used her works in ecological projects.

Works in the national collections:

National Museum in Warsaw

The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw

The Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature in Warsaw

The Tatra Museum, Zakopane

Warsaw Archdiocese Museum

The District Museum of Sandomierz

Solo Exhibitions:

2024- Tarnowski Castle Museum in Tarnobrzeg (Poland)

2023- Stara Prochownia, Warsaw

2023- Fabryka Sztuk, Tczew (Poland)

2022- Warsaw Archdiocese Museum, Warsaw

2022- Pożyteczna Cafe, Warsaw

2022- Naval Museum, Gdynia (Poland)

2022- Urban Gallery, Bydgoszcz (Poland)

2021- Galeria pod Arkadami, Łomża (Poland)

2020- Library Gallery of Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz (Poland)

2019- Young Artists Gallery Łazienkowska, Warsaw

2019- PTTK Hostel in the Roztoka Valley, Tatra Mountains (Poland)

2018- The Asia and Pacific Museum, Warsaw

2017- Stacja Muranów, Warsaw

2016- Galeria Antoniego Rząsy, Zakopane (Poland)

2006- Galeria nad Wisłą, Toruń (Poland)

Selected group exhibitions:

2023- Communal Cultural Centre, Biały Dunajec (Poland)

2022- Warsaw Archdiocese Museum, Warsaw

2021- online presentation of Agata Jóźwiak paintings and poems by father Hieronim Kreis OSB, author’s website

2021- online presentation of a publication of excerpts from Matsuo Bashō’s Oku no hosomichi, Agnieszka Żuławska-Umeda’s texts, and Agata Jóźwiak’s illustrations, the YouTube channel of Way of Ink

2020- online exhibition of Way of Ink group, FB Way of Ink

2019- The Library of Yangpu District, Shanghai

2019- Centre for Cultural Promotion of Praga Południe District, Warsaw

2019- Culture centre “Dom Ludowy”, Bukowina Tatrzańska (Poland)

2019- Poster Museum at Wilanów, Exhibition of Japanese Art, Warsaw

2018- Bunkasai Autumn Festival of Japanese Art, Warsaw

2018- PTTK Hostel in Five Ponds Valley, The Tatra Mountains (Poland)

2017- The Warsaw University Gallery, UW, Warsaw

2017- Urban Art Gallery, Zakopane (Poland)

2017- PTTK Hostel in the Roztoka Valley, Tatra Mountains (Poland)

2017- The 11th Annual Days of Japan at the University of Warsaw, Warsaw University Library, Warsaw

2017- Duszniki International Chopin Piano Festival, Impresja Hotel, Duszniki (Poland)

2017- Galeria Władysława Hasiora, Zakopane (Poland)

2016- Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Włocławek (Poland)

2016- Japanese Culture Home, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2016- The District Museum, Sandomierz (Poland)

2016- Stacja Muranów, Warsaw

2015- Library Gallery of Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz (Poland)

2013- Swiss Art Space, Lausanne

2006- Dom Muz, Toruń (Poland)